In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the most effective use of ozone is when, in the collective, a person is identified who is infected. It is then important to sterilize the space with ozone, as the virus can be retained on any surface that the person has touched. This can also transmit the virus to people with whom the infected person has not been in direct contact. Ozonisation should be carried out in areas that more people use daily: ambulances, meeting rooms, canteens, corridors, toilets, production facilities, etc.


The advantage of sterilizing the space with ozone, over other liquid chemical agents used for disinfection, is the elimination of microorganisms from all surfaces that ozone -a gas, can reach. In the case of offices that can be filled with paper, furniture and similar objects and surfaces, consumer goods in stores, ozone sterilization is an indispensable technology.

In times when the population is not endangered by a pandemic, it is useful to sterilize the space using ozone gas in places where a large number of people move, reside or are feed. Ozone destroys the viruses and bacteria that can be found on toys (many children and parents get sick with streptococci and similar microorganisms that children exchange in playrooms, kindergartens etc), then kitchens, restaurants, gyms, beauty and hair salons, closed ventilation systems, homes for accommodating persons, etc.

Preventive ozonation should be done in cycles of 7 to 10 days. Thanks to the support of the Innovation Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, in the framework of the public call for suppression of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,

the capacity to provide space ozonization services we have in this moment more than 15,000 m2 per day.

The cost of the sterilization using ozone gas service, depends on space configuration, the ozonation interval, and the location of the object. The sterilization is also possible at other locations in Serbia and abroad.

Vehicle ozonization is also recommended especially for vehicles transporting infected patients, but also for public transport, taxi vehicles and all other that serve passengers on daily basis. 

The vehicle ozonization point where you can sterilize your vehicle is located

at the exit of the E75 highway - HERE,

where more detailed information on the ozone sterilization procedure can be obtained.